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Gabe Katona and his band of thieves (BurnCode7) REALLY put their foot in this "AS IS" project. 'IF' you are a fan of 80's feel good style of music, BurnCode7 "AS IS" is that one. It has sprinkles of Rick Springfield along with Season 2 True Detective "Nevermind" by Leonard Cohen, and some Duran Duran. The guitar play by Patrick Bolen on "Good Bye" is very nostalgic of The Eagles, the cadence and homage of "Where Did Our Love Go" in "The Motown Song" and hints of INXS in "Stretch". For me, this is a FUN project! Put this one in when you're just sitting around with friends and watch the mood change (trust me I've done it!)

-Hypeman Ricky NJC Media Group

Hello from LV. I listened to your album today.  I enjoyed your album on a number of levels, Your singing is right on. The production/mixing is very cool and the playing on all the songs works for me. As I mentioned to you before I listened as if I was still doing A&R which means singles come first. Here are the songs I feel can be singles and I listed them in the order of liking them..

1. Can't Help Myself

2. Goodbye

3. Frankenstein and Spiderman

4. It's Time To Be movin On 

I do like many of the hooks and stories..... 

I wish you all you wish for yourself with this album..... 

 -Barry D Oslander VP West Coast Head of A&R For RCA.

Got the CD yesterday and popped it it rocks. You knocked it out of the park. track to track, it's got that magic mojo happening. Very cool

-James Gibson

Wow Gabe, just got the album and of course, listened to it entirely right away: very blown away!  You're right, the mastering sounds very clean, non-harsh, super clear and still ballsy (helped in no small-part way by great mixes to begin with!).  What's nice is the variety of styles of the songs, which you don't hear these days.  I guess by playing with so many diverse artists over the years, we're both bound to explore different genres of pop/rock/funk/folk/alternative and Country, and it shows in your songs with different beats/grooves, textures, raunch and delicateness.  Your lead vocals are really comfortable to listen to, and you've found a good niche to put them into each song situation.  Of course, I'm partial to the songs we both did, and I love the mixes and your production ideas to pull them off.  There's always been a cool, interesting interplay between our voices and our guitar and keyboard parts. With this much variety on your album, it makes me want to hear another one pretty soon.  This one was well worth the wait, love it!    Thanks for letting me be a part of it                    

-Patrick Bolen