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Gabe's Photos 

These are various pics.




I performed with Starship for three and a half years around the time of the Nuclear Furniture and Knee Deep In The Hoopla platinum selling albums. I played Keyboards, sax and vocals with the band during their biggest hits including We Built This City and Sara. I performed on some of the recordings from live concerts and appeared in some of the videos. I toured with them throughout the USA and Japan


Richie Furay Band

Richie Furay is an American singer, songwriter, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member who is best known for forming the bands Buffalo Springfield and Poco.



I played live concerts and recorded with Redbone. They had a big hit in the 80s called “Come And Get Your Love”. The last picture is of me with Redbone and War on tour.


Jim Gibson Band

I have had the pleasure to record, co-write and play live with Jim Gibson. He is a very talented artist in the blues and Americana genre.


Stereohype Band

STEREOHYPE is a local Nashville band made up of some incredible players and singers. The band plays mostly covers from the 80s and 90s. It is a super high energy band. It is great fun playing in this band.


San Rafael Band

Rafael Vasquez is a Latin artist that I had the pleasure of playing in his band. He is an accomplished musician and song writer.


Cafe 123 

These pics were taken in Nashville at Café 1 2 3. These were performances with my Latin Jazz band mostly featuring tunes from my Reflections, Reflexiones CD. The live shows involved jams based on these tunes. Band members included, Jimmy Bowland on sax and flute, Jerry Navarro on bass, Jamie Rogan on drums, Robert Luke on percussion, Gabe Katona on Keys, and Dan Hagen on guitar. Michael Fair also sat in on trumpet and flugelhorn


Rock Quarry Studio

THE ROCK QUARRY is my professional project studio. It consists of a large control room, drum tracking room, iso room, grand piano and racks of keys and processors. I can record any kind of project ranging from MIDI production to live tracking and overdubs as well as music for picture.


Peter Moon

I co-produced Peter’s “Postcards From Earth” CD, co wrote songs with him and mastered and played on his “Black Eyed Smiley” CD. Peter is a very talented indie rock artist. I have also done a few live shows with him including the musical “Fix”.


Misc Gabe Photos

These are various photos of different bands and projects that I was involved with.