STARSHIP: JANE   This is one of my favorite Starship songs!


STARSHIP: WHITE RABBIT  I am using a breath controller in the intro and throughout the song.  I  was able to control the dynamics and the intensity of what I was playing  on my keys using the breath controller.  Grace Slick is truly amazing  on her legendary song.

STARSHIP: BE MY LADY  I had the opportunity to play saxophone solos on some Starship songs.  Be My Lady one of them.


STARSHIP: FIND YOUR WAY BACK  This is one of my favorite all time songs by Starship.  I'm playing keys  and vocals.  Craig Chaquico plays some unbelievable guitar leads on  this song. 



RICK SPRINGFIELD: LIVE AT THE STARWOOD, HOLLYWOOD CA  Me on keys and vocals, Robbie Levin on bass and vocals,  Rick Springfield  (the man),  Jack White on drums and Jeff Silverman on guitar and vocals.

RICK SPRINGFIELD: 35 YEARS IN THE MAKING PART 1 Rick Springfield's original mid-seventies touring band with Jack White, Gabe Katona, Robbie Levin & Jeff Silverman  reunited in  Nashville, TN for a performance of Rick's 1976 single, "Take A Hand".  This is Part 1, the rehearsal and reunion.

RICK SPRINGFIELD: 35 YEARS IN THE MAKING PART 2  The live performance of "Take A Hand".

RICK SPRINGFIELD: AMERICAN BANDSTAND  Me on keys, Kevin Crossley on piano, Marty David on bass, Jack White on drums, Rick, and Jeff Silverman on guitar. 

JIM GIBSON BAND: SHE DON’T KNOW  Jim Gibson is my good friend.  We've been playing,  recording and co-writing together since the mid eighties.  "She Don't  Know" is one of our co-writes.  Me on keys and vocals, Jim  Gibson on guitar and lead vocal, Ray Winkler on upright bass and  Burleigh Drummond on percussion.