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Souvenir Justice

by Souvenir Justice

Released 2013
Gabe Katona Music
Released 2013
Gabe Katona Music
Melodic Power Pop Rock with both contemporary and classic Pop Rock influences.
Souvenir Justice is a collaboration between Patrick Bolen and Gabriel Katona.
Gabe and Patrick set out to revive some of their songs from the past as well as new songs. They wanted to include the energy and power of rock and mix it with the memorable melodic approach of pop. Patrick and Gabe’s vocals work well together and create a unique sound of their own. Their influences are vast ranging from the past to the present. From the past they were into bands and artists such as Steelers Wheel, John Rafferty, The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, Badfinger and Tarney Spencer Band to name a few. For the present they are into Maroon 5, Train, One Nation, Grizzly Bear. Ben Folds Five, The Raspberries and Mattew Sweet.

“Giving It All” Is strongly influenced by Paul McCartney. It is very melodic and has simple yet profound lyrics. The added rich background vocals and Patrick’s powerful guitars add uniqueness and edge to Gabe’s lead vocals.
“Who You Know” is a tongue and cheek song with a pop, Motown feel. The double vocal that goes throughout the songs gives it that Souvenir Justice vibe.
“Sweet Heartbreaker” was never demoed by Gabe or Patrick. Patrick found the song stowed away on a cassette from one of their past live gigs in Los Angeles. The newly recorded version has Patrick’s amazing guitars and Gabe’s growling organ with powerful vocals.
“Maybe Tomorrow” has a certain British sardonic humor to it. It has clever lyrics and melody. The last part of the song is a jam with Patrick’s guitars and Gabe’s Wurly electric piano. The song has a pop, rock and funky feel to it.
Mark Nemer played drums on all these songs. His great playing is creative, adds feel and energy to Souvenir Justice.

When asked, who are you guys?, Gabe replies “ We are us being who we are with our music. We’re not trying to be someone else. We’re not afraid to show our influences and we just try to make them our own. We’re having fun”.

Patrick Bolen is a gifted multi-instrumentalist specializing in acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, dobro, pedal steel guitar, harmonica, flute, and lead and background vocals. His extensive history includes touring and recording with Pure Prairie League and the Kim Carnes band, as well as writing, arranging and producing a multi-media project of children's songs entitled Night of the Witch's Brew. He was born in Los Angeles, California.

As a songwriter, keyboardist and artist, Gabe Katona’s career took off when he was signed as a songwriter to Motown’s Jobete Publishing and also became a well-known keyboard studio musician in Los Angeles. Gabe recorded and toured with major artists such as Rick Springfield (including “Jessie’s Girl), Bobby Womack, The Temptations, Jackson 5, Rare Earth (including songs he wrote), Redbone, Player, Richie Furay, Climax Blues Band (recorded only), David Pomerantz (recorded only) and Dan Hill (recorded only). Gabe toured with Jefferson Starship. He performed in five cities in Japan as well as across the US with them. Gabe wrote, recorded and performed with Buckeye, Gabe’s two CDs (Reflections Reflexiones and Rumors Have It, Gabe and Patrick Bolen’s first band, Keeper, which was signed to RCA. Gabe also produced, co-wrote and recorded with Warner Latin recording artist Jose Maria Lobo.
Since moving to the Nashville area, Gabe produced, engineered, developed, co wrote, and played on various artists’ projects such as Peter Moon, Tony Camus, Lampwick, Vik Chandler, Randy Withrow, Jim Gibson, Dwana Litz, Arvo Nuvo and Mad For Mannequins. He played piano on the title track for Debra Lyn, keyboards for Katy Seale and orchestrated for Sarah Olson. Gabe produced tracks and co-wrote with artists and songwriters such as Patty Russo, Luci Lampe, Mike Rosen, Ronn Price and Patrick Bolen. Also, Gabe engineered lead vocals for building g which was on the 2007 Grammy ballot.