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Recording In the studio


I’ve been working in studios for a long time now.  It seems that I always started out as a songwriter and then moved on to doing sessions as a session player.  I then started contracting sessions as well as doing the arranging and orchestrations.  I got involved in engineering and producing projects.  I worked in many of the best studios in Los Angeles including the Record Plant, Sound City, United Western, Sunset Sound, Devonshire, etc.  I got a record deal with Patrick Bolen on RCA.  We had a band called Keeper.  We recorded at Bob Gaudio’s studio in Hollywood. I built my first studio in Los Angeles.  I called it Purple Mountain.  It had a large control room, two mid-sized iso rooms, a guest lounge and a full bath.  It was basically an analog studio.  I had a MX80 2 inch 24 track analog recorder and a 64 input Allen and Heath Saber recording console along with some pretty cool hardware analog processing gear.  I had a decent mic collection too.  My clients consisted of indie artists, and composing/recording music for film/TV/Video.   I also worked on an original project with John Welch called Shake. On most of the projects, I composed the music as well as played, contracted musicians, engineered, produced.  I also started working on my original project that I finished at my Tennessee studio.  That became my first released CD under my name called Reflections, Reflexiones.

I moved to Tennessee in the mid nineties on a recommendation from a good friend that was busy building his studio.  I started building my studio immediately after arriving in Tennessee.  I did not have a life other that building my second studio for six months.  When I finished, I had a hybrid analog and digital studio.  When I moved, I built a new studio that was designed by my friend and expert, Jim Haydon  It’s called the Rock Quarry.  I have been involved in many projects including my second CD, Rumors have it and my new album, BrunCode7 As Is.  Some of the clients I worked with include Rick Springfield, Mike Rosen, Building G, Arvo Nuvo, Jim Gibson, Sitel, Scene Three, Patty Russo, Lampwick, Randy Withrow, Dwayna Litz, Mad For Mannequins, Peter Moon, Tony Camus, Sarah Olson, Debra Lyn, Luci Lampe, Ronn Price, Patrick Bolen, Devin Payne, Steve Gartner, Rio Pose, Elena Garcia, Vik Chandler and Katy Seale.

Playing live shows


I always had the need to perform live as well as work in the studio.  I love both and one feeds the other.  I get inspired playing live and take that into the studio.

I lived in Florida for almost five years as a kid.  My good friend had a big brother that played drums.  He had this room in his parent’s house that was a rehearsal room and it had a stage with lights. He used to practice with his band and I would watch what the piano player was doing.  I would then run home and cop the parts the piano player was playing on my piano.  I liked classical music and that is what I started on but I also liked rock, R&B, Latin and pop music too.

After moving to Los Angeles with my parents, I started playing local gigs with bands at the age of fifteen.   I didn’t have a keyboard (could not afford it) so I played a sax that I got from school.  It wasn’t a very good sax and my dad bought me a sax that was somewhat better.  I finally got my first keyboard after saving up from gigs.  It was a used Wurlitzer electric piano with cigarette burns on it.  It looked terrible but sounded cool.  It had a mean growl that I loved.  My uncle, who was a retired engineer for NBC, gave me a Magnatone tube amp.  I had a custom speaker cabinet built with a fifteen inch Jensen speaker.  That was a great sounding combination especially for rock and soul music.  I also sang and played tenor sax, harmonica and melodica.  At one point, I was in about six different bands.  I was a very busy kid.  A personal manager got a hold of some of my songs and wanted to manage me.  He got me on some TV shows and other live gigs.  I had long hair and had problems with not complying with the dress code in my high school.  I was a decent student but didn’t sleep too much.  I had school by day and gigs by night.  After graduating high school, I decided to go on the road and see what that was all about.  I got a gig that summer playing on tour with an R&B band that backed The Platters.  I was gone for nearly three months.  While on tour, I got to see Ike and Tina Turner Revue, Ray Charles Revue, James Brown and Little Richard in concert.  That was a life changing experience.  I was a different person when I got back from that tour.

Over the years, I got to perform concerts with many great bands and artists.  I was with Rick Springfield on two tours.  There were two reincarnations of his band then. (I also recorded on four of Rick’s albums).  I performed concerts (recorded and wrote for) with Rare Earth as well as Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield, Poco), Redbone and Jefferson Starship.

I still go out and play live with bands with many different styles of music including my own band.