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Gabe Katona - Producer, Recording Engineer, Singer Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Keyboardist, Madman

Gabe’s musical journey started in high school where he was recruited by a number of Pop, Rock, Jazz, and R&B bands.  As a singer/songwriter, keyboardist and artist, Gabe Katona’s career took off when he was signed as a songwriter to Motown’s Jobete Publishing and also became a well-known keyboard studio musician in Los Angeles. Gabe recorded and toured with major artists such as Rick Springfield (including playing on “Jessie’s Girl and many of his other hits), Bobby Womack, Motown’s The Temptations and Jackson 5, Rare Earth (including penning songs for the band), Redbone, Player, Richie Furay, Climax Blues Band, David Pomerantz  and Dan Hill. Gabe toured with Jefferson Starship performing across the United States and Japan. Gabe wrote and recorded with the Polygram label band Buckeye. Gabe and Patrick Bolen formed the Pop/Rock band, Keeper that got signed to RCA. Gabe also produced, co-wrote and recorded with Warner Bros.  Latin recording artist Jose Maria Lobo.

Gabe’s first original album recordings were done in Nashville. They were Reflections Reflexiones and Rumors Have It.  He went on to record his Rock Blue-Eyed Soul albums BurnCode7 As Is and Jubilation. Gabe and Patrick Bolen co-wrote and recorded their EP, Souvenir Justice that was influenced by English POP and Rock bands. Gabe produced, engineered, developed, co-wrote, and played on various artists’ projects such as Peter Moon, Tony Camus, Lampwick, Vik Chandler, Randy Withrow, Jim Gibson, Dwana Litz and Arvo Nuvo.  He played piano on the title track for Debra Lyn, keyboards for Katy Seale and orchestrated for Sarah Olson. Gabe produced tracks and co-wrote with artists and songwriters such as Patty Russo (Meat Loaf), Latin artist Luci Lampe, Jazz artist Michael Alan, Ronn Price and Patrick Bolen. Gabe also engineered lead vocals for the band Building G that was on the 2007 Grammy ballot.  Gabe is a member of N.A.R.A.S and L.A.R.A.S.